Product safety, CE marking and standardization

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WTO dispute resolution procedures and advice to foreign governments.

Directive 2001/95 on general product safety and Regulation 765/2008 requires that only safe products be placed on the EU market. These two pieces of legislation have also put in place a market surveillance system in the EU. These rules allow the companies and the authorities understand the rules to follow in order to take the corrective actions needed regarding the products that do not comply with the safety standards established by European legislation.

These rules are supplemented by other legislation such as Regulation 764/2008 for non-harmonized products and the so called “new approach” directives that apply to specific products. EN standards then specify the technical specifications related to products falling within the scope of this legislation.

All companies wishing to sell their products in the EU must comply with the rules laid down by Directive 2001/95 and Regulation 765/2008 and, where appropriate, by specific legislation and by technical standards.

Our firm has developed an expertise in advising companies in the field of product safety. Within this context, we represent our clients before national authorities (customs and market surveillance authorities) and in meetings organized by European and international standards organizations that develop technical standards.

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