EU Food legislation is scattered and complex. It is indeed often difficult to determine the type of regulation applicable to a specific food product. Similarly, it is sometimes necessary to define the product in question, in order to see whether it will be considered, by the authorities, as (i) a food product; (ii) a pharmaceutical product or (iii) a cosmetic product. We help companies understand the legal qualification of the products they intend to bring on the market. Whenever relevant, we help them within the process related to the placing of their products on the EU market.

    Based in Brussels and Paris, the law firm Laffineur mainly advises companies with regard to the various legal issues that may arise for them at the transnational level. The firm develops expertise in the field of regulatory law for the internal market of the European Union. The Firm also works in international trade law, lobbying, business law, liability law as well as in the field of European, Belgian and French litigation.
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