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EU Constitutional Law

The Laffineur law firm advises companies on the compliance of public health requirements and other regulatory restrictions adopted by Member States' laws with the principles of free movement of goods and services or the right of establishment laid down by the European Community Treaty.

The constitutionality of EU laws and of Member States' implementing laws

Our practice covers all issues involving EU Law on the free movement of goods, services, capital, and the right of establishment. We have particular expertise regarding public health requirements (ie whether or not an individual EU member state can rely upon public health grounds to prevent imports of goods from other EU Member States). We also have experience in advising companies based in one Member State to identify whether the activity they intend to perform in another Member State falls within the scope of the rules on the free movement of services or on the right of establishment.

Within the framework of our Legislative Affairs practice, we possess a special advising capacity on all legal aspects relating to the legal basis of a proposed EU law (i.e. whether the EU legislature is adopting a proposal within the limits of its competences, as attributed by the European Treaties).


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